Now Accepting Payments in Swiss Francs


As our network grows we’re faced with the realization of operating in a global marketplace.

It is up to us to ensure our product and platform performs everywhere. Our organizers and fans depend on it.

Starting today, organizers using Universe in Switzerland will be able to accept payments and process transactions in Swiss Francs.

Ticket buyers are the first to benefit from localized payments. By setting the event location to any city in Switzerland, ticket prices will automatically appear in Francs — bringing transparency and clarity to the checkout process. By displaying prices in local currencies, we expect to see checkout completion rates improve dramatically.

Local payments also reduce friction for organizers. As tickets are sold, funds are available for payout in Francs. The numbers reflected in the ticket report will also be displayed in Francs. This will eliminate the hassle of having to manually convert currencies to get an accurate estimate of sales-to-date.

Known for its delectable cheese and chocolate just as much as its renowned engineering, Switzerland also has a growing events market. One that is expected to reach $520 million this year. There are a number of famed events that take place in Switzerland, such as Basel Fasnacht (Carnival of Basel) which just took place last week. Fasnacht is a 3-day cultural celebration full of costumes, music, and dancing attended by nearly 20,000 participants each year. And that’s just one event.

A growing market with limited ticketing options creates the perfect opportunity for Universe to enter the space and create tremendous value for independent organizers across Switzerland. Now that we’re able to provide a localized payments experience, we’re excited to bring Universe and our technology to even more organizers abroad.

Keep an eye out for more currency releases in the coming months. For updates, you can subscribe below or follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

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