The Future of Event Payments

The Future of Event Payments
The Future of Event Payments

Collectively, we are a new kind of generation.

One that discounts the paradox of possessions.

Rather, we cherish the value created by experiences.

We actively pursue experiences; from which we seek connection, lasting memories and a true sense of intrinsic value.

As an organization, our core mission at Universe is to bring people together through live experiences. Everything from our partnerships to our technology is built with this mission in mind. We’re proud to help power live experiences in over 600 cities across the globe. As such, we’re constantly exploring ways to create simplicity and make ticketing more affordable.

We’re committed to making the world of self-service ticketing the best it can be for organizers and fans alike.

Today is a mark of that statement with the release of Payment Plans. With Payment Plans, we’re enabling the next wave of event payments; creating access, reducing costs and providing fans with the most affordable ticketing experience.

To showcase how we’re enabling the future of event payments we chatted with Eric Freitas, Founder of international music festival Jungle Jam. Jungle Jam is the first festival to leverage payment plans for its 3-day event taking place in Jaco, Costa Rica March 10th-12th 2017.

A Festival Rooted in Culture

Based in Costa Rica, Jungle Jam has built an experience around the ethos of Pura Vida.

It’s not your standard music festival.

It’s a holistic experience that blends music, global travel, tropical adventure and relaxing beaches with the Costa Rican way of life. To give us some insight into the festival’s roots we spoke with Freitas firsthand.

What began as a trip down to Costa Rica evolved into a cultural experience; one that celebrates life, music and the beautiful ecosystem of the country. During Freitas’s first trip to Costa Rica he was accompanied by a couple friends in the music business, including Mike Gordon from Phish, Bill Kreutzmann from the Grateful Dead and Scott Murawski of Max Creek. Together, led by Phish Management the group put on a benefit concert to help build the primary school in the town Herradura.

“It was a true benefit, everybody paid their own way, we got free rooms to work. I basically, never left. I fell in love with Costa Rica and Jungle Jam was born out of that show. Each year, we’ve added new artists and the festival has grown,” recalls Freitas.

After Jungle Jam’s second year, something profound happened. The festival sparked the attention of the Costa Rican government. “We got to know each other really well by having such a big year,” noted Freitas.

Today, the Costa Rican government fully supports Jungle Jam and is proudly helping to co-promote this year’s festival, which will feature artists such as, Slightly Stoopid, Thievery Corporation, Stick Figure and Fortunate Youth. You can check out the full line-up and ticket packages here.

Creating an Affordable Festival Experience

Jungle Jam is unique for several reasons.

Yes, it is a destination festival, but unlike other destination festivals that lure mainly tourists, Jungle Jam promotes the inclusion of locals. Who in many ways have helped shape the culture and mantra of the festival.

“They live by the Pura Vida, which translates to pure life. They say hi by it and bye by it. It can be good, it can be bad, it’s life,” notes Freitas.

In years past, the festival has brought an eclectic mix of expats, locals and travelers looking to experience the magic of Costa Rica.

Tickets to Jungle Jam run anywhere from $150 for General Admission to upwards of $500 for VIP packages. “With payment plans, we’re giving fans the opportunity to make multiple payments in smaller increments. Creating a more affordable festival experience,” remarks Freitas. It has been something Jungle Jam has been looking to implement for years.

“With this offering [payment plans] we anticipate there will be a lot more Costa Ricans in attendance. Locals buy most things on layaway down here; it’s a huge seller to them. To further encourage local sales, Universe’s standard fee for layaway will also be waived,” according to Freitas.

Powering Online Ticketing Abroad

Universe is thrilled to be working directly with Jungle Jam to power their online ticketing experience.

Historically, getting set up with the technology to sell tickets through the web in Costa Rica has been challenging according to Freitas.

“Previously, we were using PayPal as a gateway solution and it didn’t work well in-market. We really wanted an all inclusive solution, and we shopped around for a long time looking for it. We came across one product with an extensive back-end system that also managed hotel inventory, but it was incredibly expensive. As a growing festival, we didn’t have the budget to allot for it. Fortunately, Universe stepped in and answered our prayers. There was nothing like it on the market, I looked everywhere,” recalls Freitas.

In addition to being setup with Payment Plans, Jungle Jam is leveraging Direct Payments to embed ticket sales, including VIP and hotel packages directly on their website.

“This is where Universe really shines. Being able to embed a ticket widget directly onto our site and allow purchases to be made without leaving our site is a great advantage over similar services. Not only is it easy to implement the widget, but it can be added to any web page, even social media,” according to Alison Peters.

Freitas also identified Universe’s integration with Stripe as being greatly beneficial.

“We need to receive payments directly. We really can’t do it any other way, because we’re not only selling tickets, we’re offering hotel packages where we’re required to pay for the rooms up front. I can’t carry $250,000 dollars in hotel rooms, so there wasn’t another way to do it. Everything about it [Universe] is perfect,” remarked Freitas.

By partnering with Jungle Jam we’re looking forward to bringing fans across Costa Rica and beyond with a simple, cost-effective festival ticketing experience.

To get started with Payment Plans, start by creating an event on Universe. You can learn more about payment plans here. If you’re interested in speaking with someone about how you can leverage Payment Plans for your next event get in touch with us by reaching out to we’d be happy to chat.

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